Worst measles outbreak in decades sweeps New York as cases surge in Oregon, Washington and abroad

  • At least 160 people in New York have been infected with measles 
  • One in 20 children that get the highly-contagious virus develop pneumonia, and one to two per 1,000 die  
  • The disease can only be prevented by vaccination 
  • Over 90 percent of babies in the US are vaccinated 
  • But people of certain religions and ideologies sometimes refuse to get their children vacccinated 
  • In New York, the infection is spreading primarily among Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn and Rockland County 

Cases of measles have reached a 20-year high in several New York counties amid an outbreak that threatens to reach epidemic proportions, experts say.

At least 160 people have been infected by the virus, which typically strikes children, in New York and unusual outbreaks have been reported internationally.

The worst affected areas so far are Rockland County – where 105 cases have been reported – and an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, where at least 55 have been infected.

Meanwhile, 25 other states have reported outbreaks, with numbers climbing particularly high in Oregon and Washington.



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