Guyana: Man gets 12 years for killing son over $300

AMARNAUTH Chand called “Desmond”, who in 2016, fatally stabbed his son in the chest with a cutlass, was on Tuesday sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. The sentence was handed down by Justice Navindra Singh in the Demerara High Court.

The judge started the sentence at a base of 25 years for manslaughter but deducted eight years for Chand’s plea and not wasting the court’s time and three years for his genuine display of remorse.
Two years were also deducted as time served.

Justice Singh wished Chand good luck and encouraged him to participate in anger management courses that may be available in prison, so that he would become a better person.

Before he was sentenced, Chand, who was in tears and displayed genuine regret and remorse, told Justice Navindra Singh that he was very sorry for what he did. He begged the court for mercy. He told the court that, at the time of the incident, his son was 24 years old and he (Chand) was supposed to be a father to his children.



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