Director of the School of Education at The University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus Professor Joel Warrican, issued the call to this region’s leading technocrats in education, as they examine the status of teacher education in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

He was at the time addressing the office of the Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE) for the Eastern Caribbean annual two-day meeting which convened yesterday at The Cave Hill Campus, under the theme “Transformative Education for Sustainable Development in the Region: Resilience in the Face of Change and its Significance”.

“As I reflect on the theme, other considerations come to mind. I think about our sustainable future in the face of harsh economic realities, apparent social upheavals, menacing environmental hazards and global uncertainties.”

“Also, I think that we have to be deliberate in our efforts to build resilience into the systems that prepare our young citizens for their future,” he stressed, also noting that there are some conditions which inhibit their fight to strengthen the resilience of the citizenry in the region.



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