Bahamas: Top Doctor Warns Nhi ‘Working Backwards’

National Health Insurance (NHI) is “working backwards” by setting a $1,000 annual price for its basic care package without determining critical costs, a leading doctor has warned.

Dr Marcus Cooper, the Medical Association of the Bahamas (MAB) president, told Tribune Business that the government and NHI Authority should have approached their task “the other way around” by first settling the fees paid to doctors and healthcare facilities providing care under the scheme.

They were now hoping that such fees/costs “fit into” the Standard Health Benefit (SHB) package’s $1,000 premium, but Dr Cooper said all private healthcare providers will be seeking “appropriate compensation” to enable them to both earn a profit and deliver the quality of care patients deserve.

While the MAB backed NHI as “a concept” for securing sustainable healthcare funding, Dr Cooper said he expected “intense discussions” between doctors, healthcare facilities and the NHI Authority during the 2019 first half to “determine if the numbers make sense”.



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