Bahamas: As Another 100 Migrants Land In Exuma, Pm Warns: They’Re A Threat To Our Country

AS illegal migrant landings have increased in recent weeks, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said the government remains committed to aggressively dealing with the country’s immigration problems which he said poses a serious threat to major sectors of society.

In an interview with The Tribune yesterday, the prime minister said he is aware there are many Bahamians who feel not much has been done to stop illegal immigrants, but he insisted “a lot” has been accomplished.

Questioned further, Dr Minnis said initiatives by his government would become clearer in his upcoming national address, which is expected to air soon.

Officials have been busy apprehending Haitian migrants who have endured the treacherous journey by sea from their homes in search of a better way of life here in The Bahamas.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force officials say this time of year is considered the peak migrant smuggling season due to windy weather conditions which aid their sloops. On Saturday, the RBDF apprehended 101 Haitian nationals in Northern Exuma. Another 54 were picked up in Abaco last Thursday.


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