Jamaica: Swiss company eyes Jamaica’s ganja industry

Jamaica, over the years, has demanded international attention in various endeavours, sports and music in particular, as well as the less-glamorous illegal export of high-quality ganja.

Now, with the creeping legalisation of cannabis (ganja in Jamaican parlance) in countries across the globe, a European organisation has reached out to the Caribbean island to become involved in the fledgling legal local industry.

SICPA Holdings, a Switzerland-based multinational company, knowing the potential of “the weed”, has sought to lend its expertise in protecting the Jamaican product and maximise returns as more countries come aboard in legalising or decriminalising cannabis.

Representatives of the company visited the island recently to inform local players of the possibilities of its involvement.

“Jamaica has an internationally recognised cannabis heritage that is transitioning into a formal regulatory framework for medical and sacramental use. As one of the fist countries to enable a national framework for cannabis, Jamaica has a unique opportunity to shape regulatory perspectives in other countries,” Alex Spelman, vice-president of SICPA Holdings, told the Jamaica Observer.



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