Dominican Republic: Authorities repatriated more than a thousand in 2 weeks

The entry of Haitians into Dominican territory gives no respite, which is why in less than two weeks the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) and military patrols have captured and repatriated to their country more than a thousand illegal aliens.

The undocumented have been arrested in farms, huts, huts, alleys and peripheral sectors of this city. Most of those who manage to circumvent the military surveillance in the border strip of Elías Piña are left to join the agricultural work.

Data to which this editor has had access realize that the DGM has imprisoned eight thousand Haitian citizens in this municipality in the last four months. This means that they have apprehended two thousand each month and 66 every 24 hours, a quantity considered high, taking into account the strict controls that the Ministry of Defense has established in the last months, in the entire border of Elías Piña with Haiti.



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