Another Year Lost for Cuba, Is There Any Hope for 2019?

The year 2018 came to an end and Cuba hadn’t make any significant progress. The economy is still stagnant and there aren’t any real chances that it will take off if we continue down the path we’re being led down.

Cuban politics has only changed its face, but it continues to be just as conservative as it has always been. And our society is breaking down, emigrating and struggling to get by or off the remittances they receive.

No country can make progress if it doesn’t let its people work freely. Encouraging businesses, cooperatives, self-employment, whatever it is, but freely. There needs to be regulations to organize this sector of course, but these become obstacles and prohibitions when they overstep the mark of what is reasonable.

This is how our government treats the private sector, the self-employed and cooperatives: with ridiculous bans, exorbitant fines and a tax policy that is too much for even large corporations.



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