Dominican Republic: Think tank urges rejection of anti-Haitian hate campaign in DR

The United States and Latin America Relations Committee (CUSLAR), an educational center with headquarters in Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, repudiated the hate campaign that small groups and economic elites encourage in the Dominican Republic to undermine the bonds of brotherhood between the Haitian and Dominican peoples.
In the same way, he expressed his solidarity with the Dominicans, who are the silent majority, who support and appreciate the presence of migrants from Haiti in Dominican territory.

In a statement signed by its director, Tim Shenk, the CUSLAR recognizes that in the history of the peoples of our America, aristocratic elites have used the strategy of “divide and conquer,” during the last five centuries, to ensure their economic gains and political power.

“Both in the British colony that would later become the United States, and the French and Spanish colonies, the established colonists developed the” black codes” in order to sow divisions by place of origin and color of the skin, to avoid united insurrections driven for the class that worked the plantations,” says the academic authority.



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