Dominican Republic: Emerging parties under threat of disappearing after 2020 elections

The emerging parties must reach a step and 1% of the votes in order to maintain their official recognition, after the 2020 elections, or they risk disappearing if they do not achieve that goal.

A glance at the electoral results of the 2016 elections, show that 18 of the 26 parties participating in the last contest did not reach 1% of the votes.

It is about the parties: Christian Democratic Union (UDC) that obtained 20,712 votes equivalent to (0.45%); Civic Renovator (PCR) with 39,071 (0.85%); of Dominican Workers (PTD) 16,687 (0.36%); Socialist Green (PASOVE) 14,897 (0.32%); Popular Christian (PPC) 13,874 (0.30%); of Liberal Action (PAL) 13,738 (0.30%); Institutional Democrat (PDI) 6,315 (0.14%); Liberal Reformist (PLR) 17,712 (0.38%); Popular Democrat (PDP) 6,751 (0.15%); National Citizen Will (PNVC) 4,779 (0.10%) and Independent Revolutionary (PRI) 6,054 (0.13%).



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