Bahamas: Bahamas Union of Teachers-Belinda-Meet My Demands – Or Else

A TEACHER strike at C H Reeves Junior High School could spoil the start of the new school term after the Bahamas Union of Teachers received a strike certificate on Monday.

BUT president Belinda Wilson said only if her demands are satisfied, including an independent assessment that mould has been eliminated from classrooms, would a strike be averted. She assembled the press to tour the school yesterday, claiming Education Minister Jeff Lloyd would tour the campus with her. However, Mr Lloyd never appeared. Instead, school officials called the police and the press was told to leave the premises.

She said: “No teachers are going in the classrooms at C H Reeves on Monday unless and until the Ministry of Education can provide for one, an independent report that the mould has been tested, two, that the termite infestation in an area has been eradicated and three, that the teachers and the students will occupy the new 12 classroom block in back of the school.”

She also demanded written proof that mould in classrooms has been remediated by a professional company, not a “man off the street.”



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