We contacted Shoman following his comments on Tuesday night and in clarifying his comments about the two major political parties’ corruption, he said: “I don’t think that anyone would doubt that. The fact that I was a part of the PUP government that included corrupt persons is irrelevant. Indeed, even when I was such a member I criticized the corruption in government.”

During the forum, Shoman also accused new political aspirants of distorting the facts, making up stuff and preaching “doom and gloom” about the facts on the airwaves and on social media.

“They say the way to fix all of that is to vote “No.” So we bring down the government and then we elect a corruption-free government. Magic! Easy. Just like that. Really? Wow! What party is that? I say enough of the lies and enough of the false truths. It’s time to call out the misinformers in our society. It’s time to recognize that many people say and do these things because they have a political agenda. Many of the loudest naysayers are people who are or have been candidates of a political party and want to boost their political capital, especially as general elections zoom ahead.”



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