Bahamas: ‘Immense Problems’ If BPL Not Improved By Year-End

The Bahamas will suffer “immense problems” if Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) closes 2019 in the same condition it is now, a prominent businessman has warned.

Sir Franklyn Wilson told Tribune Business it was impossible to see the state-owned utility monopoly, and its electricity costs, “getting any worse” than they are now, estimating that its struggles were costing The Bahamas a “conservative” $10m per month.

Arguing that it was “so obvious what needs to happen” to transform BPL, the Arawak Homes and Sunshine Holdings chairman said it came down to “executing” changes that had been recognised as critical since the last Ingraham administration.

Focusing on The Bahamas’ economic prospects in 2019, Sir Franklyn added that it would be similarly “bad news” if the Minnis administration continues to find itself holding the Grand Lucayan resort come year-end.

And he expressed hope that the private sector, aided by ongoing US economic growth momentum, would find a way to “overcome the shortcomings in government” and “political immaturity and divisiveness” among The Bahamas’ leaders.



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