Trinidad: Former IRO president: ‘Parents be aware of cults in TT’

Former President of the Inter Religious Organisation Archbishop Barbara Gray-Burke is warning parents to be aware of cults in the country seeking to recruit their children.

“Parents, you have to be aware. You have to be careful!” said Gray-Burke, who believes that missing 16-year-old Shindlar Cuffy has been lured away by a large cult which she said is prominent in Trinidad and Tobago.

In an interview with Newsday on Monday, Gray-Burke said only prayers can save Cuffy.

“No religious organisation would take away a 16-year-old girl, so this girl was not taken by any credible religious organisation. No religious group would go down that road to take a child from her home, from her mother, no,” she said. She said there are many cults in the country and some have a large number of followers. “But I believe there is a God, a true and living God. And as parents we need to warn our children to be aware of these groups which are false.”



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