A call is being made for the return of the old social values that make this country great.

It is coming from the Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, who delivered the feature address at the 10th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Ceremony of the Togetherness Social Group on Saturday night at the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) Officer’s Mess, St. Ann’s Fort, Garrison, St. Michael.

In complimenting the group on their efforts in aiding their fellow man, he encouraged them to continue along this path and to remain faithful to the principles such as kindness, respect and love, especially in light of the fact that some households in this island no longer abide by these very values.

“I want to remind you of the importance of what you do and to encourage you to continue when in today’s world, kindness, respect, generosity, love and care have been relegated … as being worthless pursuits for the acquisition of money. The average Barbadian household has been in some ways – and I guess the term that the older people would use is, ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ – they have thrown away these very values that helped many of us to confront and also to combat the ravages of poverty.”



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