Could this lead to a ‘flab jab’? Experts discover a protein which triggers fat burning in the body and ‘could banish the belly even WITHOUT exercise’

Turkey, chocolate and cheese will have most people feeling full around the middle this week.

But scientists may have found a way to burn off your belly without lifting a finger in future – using only an injection.

Researchers discovered a protein which is naturally boosted during a workout and may be a trigger for the fat burning process.

And they now hope to try injecting the protein – named interleukin-6 – to see if it can burn off flab without any exercise at all.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark said interleukin-6 is a ‘signalling molecule’, which helps the body’s cells to communicate.

It is thought to be what tells the body to start burning energy stored in fat when someone is exercising.

When study participants took a medicine to stop the action of interleukin-6, it stopped their bodies burning belly fat during exercise.

So the researchers suggested injecting the molecule to raise levels of it – the effect working out has – could trigger fat burning, even if someone is sitting on the sofa.


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