Xmas in Cuba: Pieces of Chicken, Biscuits & Lots of Spirits

The state-owned chain of hard-currency stores that sells some food items and drinks freely to the population, revealed its acute shortages on Christmas eve, while pork sellers (the only option on the private market) were charging up to 5 USD per kilogram. Only alcoholic drinks were widely available in both regular pesos and hard currency CUCs.

The range of products to roast for dinner, a family tradition in Cuba on Xmas eve, was limited and you could only find whole imported chickens and pork leg and shoulder. Mutton or goat’s meat, fish and seafood, as well as beef, were only accessible to people who could afford to pay (for example) 11 USD per kilo, a monthly pension more or less.

Keen to share with their family and friends, Cubans did everything they could, creating long lines to buy meat, joining others who crowded in front of places selling biscuits, sweets and jams.



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