The Music Club, 2018-Entry 6: Will Drake’s reign ever end?

Happy Festivus, my Kikis who will never, ever leave me:

As part of its year-in-review package, Billboard published a calendar of everything Drake did every day of 2018. When I saw this a few days ago, I plaintively—desperately?—asked my social media feed: This is it, right? This means he’s finally jumping the shark? Is it over yet? I mean, I am not even a Drake hater. Indeed, one of Drizzy’s many No. 1 hits this year makes my Top 20 singles list below. But for Kiki’s sake, could the slowest, most distended imperial phase in pop history please start to wrap it up? Even the most indomitable stars do, eventually, cede the stage: 10 months after Man of the Woods, does anybody even remember Justin Timberlake was once a hit-maker?


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