Cuba: Legislature Unanimously Approves Draft Constitution for Referendum

Cuba’s National Assembly on Saturday voted unanimously in favor of a new draft constitution, with its latest modifications, the government newspaper Granma reported, finalizing the path for a referendum on its approval.

All 583 present out of the 602 lawmakers voted in its favor, – absent lawmakers accounted for the 19 missing votes, according to Granma.  In Cuba, it is customary that legislation is passed unanimously, and would actually be big news if one legislator raised their hand in opposition or even abstained.

The new constitution, which will replace the 1976 version, will be submitted to a referendum on February 24.

A small difference between the 1976 constitution and the draft is that the new document makes no mention of  the goal of reaching a communist society, though it does reaffirm the socialist nature of the political system and the dominant role of the Communist Party, the only legal political party.



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