Jamaica: More Than 40 Houses Abandoned In Manchester – Returning Residents Seek Safety

State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Pearnel Charles Jr says that the Government has been taking steps to curtail violence against returning residents in a number of communities across the country, including Mandeville, Manchester.

The Gleaner understands that many families have fled their homes, leaving approximately 40 houses across Manchester abandoned, with the owners opting to leave Jamaica for “safer pastures”.

“We have, as a ministry, been very proactive. This is not a new issue. We have developed mechanisms to enhance engagement with our returning residents,” Charles Jr said.

He added: “We are very careful to ensure that people know that citizen security and the development of the security apparatus is not peculiar or special to returning residents but is for every Jamaican. But there is a particular vulnerability that is attached to some of our returning residents because they are the kind of persons who need to be more careful coming back into a community when they transition and how they transition”.



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