SEE IT-NYC: Killer who stabbed Queens man planned the slaying in advance, hid and waited for victim to come home-cops

A Queens dad who survived a knifing last year only to fall victim to a fatal stabbing in June was the target of a planned rub-out, police sources said.

Mario Cesar, 58, was killed a few doors from his St. Albans home June 28 after dropping off his 4-year-old daughter at a daycare center, police and his family said.

Surveillance video released by police Wednesday reveals the killer lurked behind Cesar’s house on 116th Ave. near 200th St. and waited for him, cops said.

Police sources said Cesar’s killer also cut the wires of some nearby surveillance cameras, and scoped the house out the day before.

According to police, the killer shoved Cesar to the ground and stabbed him several times in the face and chest as he tried to enter his home, then ran east on 116th Ave. where a getaway driver waited for him in a a silver four-door Chevrolet Impala.



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