Jamaica’s Very Own Netflix – Vueture

On January 1, Jamaicans can celebrate more than just the start of a new year. They can also rejoice because the country will have it’s very own independent film and television-streaming distribution platform called Vueture.

Developed with the combined efforts of local post-production company Frame of Reference, Krystal Clear Logics and Mag TV, Vueture will serve as the Caribbean’s response to the limited distribution options. Even though enterprises like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are already supported by audiences across the globe, Vueture does not consider them as competitors.

“Vueture is competing with itself, based on the fact that our culture is unique and is one of the greatest export aspect of our society. Our vision is bringing Jamaican and Caribbean content to the world,” Twain Richardson, co-founder of Frame of Reference and CEO of Vueture Entertainment, told The Gleaner.

Vueture will start with over 70 hours of content, including ‘Mission Catwalk’, ‘The Innovators, College Lifestyle’ and plays by Basil Dawkins. “As we progress, we will add content from our Caribbean neighbours. We are also in the process of developing our own original content,” Richardson said.



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