Bahamas: Most Shanty Town Residents In Abaco Own Their Homes

AN “overwhelming majority” of shanty town residents in Abaco said they own the unregulated dwelling they occupy, according to the preliminary analysis report by the Shantytown Action Task Force.

The report noted 76.8 percent or 597 of household respondents reported occupancy via ownership of the dwelling which contrasts with occupancy by rental arrangements, 19.9 percent, or 155 households.

The remaining households, 22, representing 2.8 percent, either responded “other” or gave no response.

“The understanding of ‘ownership’ to the respondent was not deeply explored,” the report said.

“Meaning, the assessment did not determine whether the respondent believed he/she owned the land and/or the structure being occupied.”

The SATF’s Abaco census started on June 13, and its report was compiled by Dr Cherita Moxey, of the Ministry of Health.

“As stated earlier,” the report continued, “777 household respondents were interviewed. The assessment obtained information about other occupants living in the household. Collectively, 1,260 males and 1,004 female occupants lived in households with the household respondents.”



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