Bahamas: Government ‘Didn’T Do Homework’ As Non-Profit Organisations Bill Delayed

FRED Mitchell criticised the Minnis administration’s handling of the controversial Non-Profit Organisations Bill, insisting that recent delays prove the government failed to do its “homework” on the legislation’s potential impact.

Addressing reporters just after the Senate was officially suspended for the Christmas holidays without commencing debate on the bill, Mr Mitchell launched an attack on the government’s overall approach to the execution of its business.

Mr Mitchell, leader of opposition business in the Senate, said: “The question we keep asking ourselves is how government business is actually being managed? Its legislative agenda, how it is we can predict what it is that they are going (to do), and when things are going to get done? And this bill is a prime example of that.”

“Now clearly, they did not do their homework with regard to this Bill because if they did, the Bill would have not been brought to the point of the Senate, and then you have to make what appears to be significant changes to (it).”



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