NYC: SEE IT-Bronx bus rider slashes woman who pet her dog, then slices the victim’s girlfriend

Look, but don’t touch!

A Bronx bus rider got so incensed when a woman pet her dog that she slashed her fellow commuter’s face — and then sliced the victim’s girlfriend when she tried to intervene, cops said.

The blade-crazed attacker then grabbed her little white dog and ran off, leaving police to ask the public’s help identifying her.

Police said the bizarre scene unfolded on a BX2 bus near E. 149th St. and Morris Ave. at about 2:15 p.m. Monday.

“I put my hand out so the dog could smell my hand,” Imzadi Henriquez, 22, told the Daily News. “She got mad at that and ended up smacking my hand.”

Henriquez, who was riding the bus with her 20-year-old girlfriend, Lenora McClelland-Fraser, said she brushed off the slight and went looking for a seat.

But she says the bespectacled dog owner kept chiding her. “Don’t touch my dog. You can’t f—ing touch my dog. My dog is a service dog. You can’t do that,” the woman said, Henriquez recounted.



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