Dominica: UWP senator says CREAD Act shows international donors lack of confidence in government

Opposition Senator, Isaac Baptiste, has posed a number of questions as it relates to the Climate Resilience Executing Agency of Dominica (CREAD) and its functions.

The CREAD Bill was passed in parliament on Wednesday night.

The Act formalizes the Agency which has, as its mission, “to coordinate all reconstruction work to avoid duplication, maximize economies of scale, spot and fill critical gaps and ensure all reconstruction activities are focused on a single climate resilient recovery plan for Dominica.”

Isaac raised his concerns during his presentation in the debate on the CREAD Bill in Parliament on Wednesday.

“Looking through a Bill and we try to put the structure into perspective, we see a Climate Resilience Policy Board of seven (7) members chaired by the Prime Minister, that will be part 2 of the Bill directing a Climate Resilient Executing Agency headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), part 3 of the Bill,” he said.  “Between this board and the executing agency is a Cabinet Secretary which I am not too sure, we will see what precisely the function of that office.”



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