Barbados: Meetings continue as Barbados Water Authority (BWA) looks to renegotiate lease

Following reports that staff of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) would likely be locked out of their Pine, St. Michael Headquarters due to outstanding lease payments owed to its landlord Innotech, meetings have been ongoing to see what can come of the matter, in particular, if the existing contract can be renegotiated.

Chairman of the Board at the BWA, Leodean Worrell yesterday noted that, “Discussions commenced (Wednesday) with the Innotech team and external negotiators (supplied) by government. They are progessing quite well. We have not yet gotten a full report … but they are indeed contracts that have to be renegotiated and this is one in particular that needs to be renegotiated.

“As you know, we missed a payment on our lease and we received a letter saying that if we didn’t rectify the situation within 48 hours, they would be serving us a notice to vacate the premises,” she explained.



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