Cuba: Decree-Law 349 and Cuba’s Civil Rights Struggle

In recent months, we have witnessed some very important events that will have an impact on our immediate future as a country. A kind of civic awakening in different sectors, especially among artists, in a struggle for one-off objectives, that are still ultimately linked to a greater civil rights struggle in Cuba.

Civil and political rights, or just civic rights, protect individual freedoms from being violated (repressed) by those in power(whether that is a government or any other public or private political actor), and they guarantee citizens’ ability to participate in civic and political life as equals with the State and without being discriminated against.
Based on this concept and our reality today, Cubans have had more than enough reasons to fight for our civil rights for a long time now, but the fear we have of the system has stopped us. However, several factors have meant that there has been a small but important breach in the government’s efficient “civic inaction” plan, and non-violent protest was effective. These might be the following



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