Bahamas: ‘Stop Giving Us The Runaround’: Nurses Allege Deliberate Bid To Delay Strike

BAHAMAS Nurses Union President Amancha Williams yesterday slammed labour officials for what she called a deliberate delay to certify her union’s strike vote, claiming officials were pandering to the public for support instead of doing the “right thing”.

In a strong rebuke of the Department of Labour’s actions over the past week, Ms Williams said officials were intentionally working to “keep us from getting our vote,” hitting out at claims made by Labour Director John Pinder over what grievances were filed with department.

On Sunday Mr Pinder asserted the BNU only sought to prevent the implementation of the Public Hospital Authority’s proposed new shift system.

Last week PHA said it would indefinitely defer the change but maintained new shifts were in the best interest of nurses and patients.

Given the move, Mr Pinder told The Tribune: “They really don’t have an issue.

“They filed on the shift system and the PHA cancelled so there is really nothing to strike about.”

In response yesterday, Ms Williams said she was disappointed and saddened to see the level public officials would stoop to win the support of the public.

“This is sad, how could he say that? He saw issues in writing. He saw what we asked our members to vote to address, how can he say we only had on issue?” Ms Williams said.



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