NYC: Trial wraps up for alleged father-son drug crew accused of murdering rival, trying to snuff witnesses

The fate of an alleged father-son pot dealing crew is in the hands of a federal jury.

In closing arguments Thursday, federal prosecutors said Winston Cargill, 56, and his son Tammeco Cargill, 35, dealt in hundreds of pounds of pot at a time, and Tammeco murdered a rival to keep their enterprise on top.

“This is Robert Dixon, Indian, a member of the 21st Street Crew. This is Dixon’s lifeless body, lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood,” assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan Harris told jurors Thursday, referring to the 2007 fatal shooting at the heart of the prosecution’s racketeering case.

“That’s the man who killed him. Tammeco Cargill,” Harris said. “He turned his gun to two innocent women, who were cowering on the street.”

The women, who witnessed the attack, survived the shooting. Maxzine Manson Willoughby, 45, was paralyzed on her left side from the neck down after taking a bullet from the younger Cargill, prosecutors said.



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