Nicaragua: The Message from the US to Ortega is “Exceptional”

The bilateral and multilateral sanctions imposed by the Trump administration and the United States Senate against Daniel Ortega’s regime, which include a sanction against the First Lady and Vice President Rosario Murillo, represent—in the opinion of the seasoned Latin American expert Richard Feinberg— “a strong, exceptional message,” so that President Ortega “enters into negotiations with the people of Nicaragua.”

Although Ortega and Murillo present themselves as a political duo of inseparable power, the academic and former official of the United States Government believes that the Trump administration “identifies Murillo as the problem,” and is calling on Ortega “to separate from her hardline, ideological policy and search for possibilities of getting out of this crisis,” through a political dialogue.

A professor of international political economy at the University of San Diego, in California, Feinberg was National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton and also served as an official of the State Department during the Administration of Jimmy Carter. In 1978, when Somoza was besieged by the popular uprising, he came to Managua to meet with the dictator to convey Carter’s message that he should withdraw from power.



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