Barbados: Fifty want out of Transport Board

Despite earlier reservations by their union, 50 Transport Board workers, mainly bus drivers, are opting for voluntary separation, an official close to the development has told Barbados TODAY.

Should management approve the numbers, it would mean that a total of 100 employees would have been cut from the payroll as part of the Government’s retrenchment exercise under the International Monetary Fund-approved Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) programme.

Two months ago, 50 workers received their pink slips from the loss-making state enterprise.

But it is still unclear whether those numbers will be enough to bring the statutory board within budget to wean from the Consolidated Fund, the central Government’s kitty.

It is also not yet known if the Transport Board will approve packages for all 50 workers, as the determination is still to be made on a “case by case basis and needs of the various departments”, the source, who was not authorized to speak officially, told Barbados TODAY.



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