Suriname: State transport is lame

Bus and booth parents who provide their services to the National Transport Company (NVB) will not drive and sail on Thursday because they have not yet received payment. They have been keeping their buses in the garage and the boats since Wednesday.

“There is no understanding of when we are paid, I have been working for two weeks with the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications and we continue to state that the Ministry of Finance has to transfer the money,” said Iwan Woon, Vice President of the Organization. of Bushouders in Suriname, Wednesday morning against the True Time.

Later in the day he indicated that he has heard from NVB director Guno Robertson that money has been paid for bus and booth parents. However, that was not visible on the bank accounts of the bus and booth parents. The director has asked Woon to resume the service, but the transporters first want to receive money. Only then will the action be lifted. “We no longer have money to subsidize the state,” Woon complains. 


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