Cuba: Cuban Doctors, Proletarian Internationalism Distorted into Big Business

Dollars sent to aid workers in Venezuela are being photographed in Cuba to prevent counterfeit. The online daily Diario de Cuba recently published a photo of several Cuban doctors surrounded by LED televisions in an airport waiting room.  Both of these photos are the subtle faces of a large business: exporting labor with the label “Proletarian internationalism”.

The welcoming of our doctors is what the highest leaders of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and Government want to show of the old and failed system we suffer. We only see the hidden face when internationalists come out of Customs on their way home, pushing the typical trolleys full of highly sought-after domestic appliances. Every made-up or real hero also carries hidden and troublesome truths, half-truths that are hard to value and well-documented lies.

Medical professionals are subject to a special regulation if they need to travel to other countries; they need to get a document, called a “Release Letter” (a telling name for such a prized written requirement), signed from the Minister of Health.



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