Jamaica: Safe For Christmas – Security Forces Launch Islandwide Operations To Reduce Crime Over The Holidays

Despite the more than encouraging decline in all categories of major crime, the national security hierarchy has decided to lay down the gauntlet in the ongoing war against criminal elements, with the launch of a massive island-wide operation aimed at reducing the violence and murder rates in a number of police divisions.

Though the latest crime statistics indicate a 21.7 per cent decline in murders nationally, it also shows that certain police divisions – namely Westmoreland, Hanover, St James, Clarendon, St Catherine, and Kingston and St Andrew – have an uncomfortably high volume of murders and other crimes, which the security forces are bent on arresting.

These areas will see a large deployment of soldiers and police over the coming days and weeks, conducting targeted raids, vehicle checkpoints, aerial operations, patrols, cordons and searches, snap raids and curfews, in the pursuit of wanted men and high violence producers, a statement from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) said.



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