St. Lucia: Peter Josie’s ‘Reparations Conference’

Peter Josie’s newest title, Reparations Conference, comes on the heels of UWI Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles’ announcement this week that the Universities of Glasgow and the West Indies are in discussions for reparations from the former worth £200 million in cash and in kind to Jamaica.

Beckles has been spearheading dialogue about reparations justice for slavery in the Caribbean for a long time and in July 2014 proposed a reparations agreement to the British House of Commons. Beckles also divulged in February this year at a Caribbean Reparations Commission press conference that the British government only finished repaying the loan for slavery abolition in 2015. His role has been vital in any consideration of Caribbean reparations justice, despite the many naysayers on the matter. Reparations Conference is what I believe Josie hopes to happen to at least launch productive consultations on reparations and perhaps to lead Saint Lucia where Beckles is headed.


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