Grenada: Government and Trade Unions Head Back to the Negotiating Table

After weeks of industrial unrest over issues surrounding gratuity and pension reform and restoration for public workers, the government and the unions, coming out of a meeting on Tuesday have decided to suspend all industrial action and return to the negotiation table.

Having already spent some twelve days away from the job, with plans for a national strike on Wednesday, President of the Public Workers Union Rachael Roberts, addressing members of the media following Tuesday’s meeting, called by Acting Labor Minister Anthony Boatswain said having finally been able to find some common grounds, the   unions have agreed to suspend all industrial action as Government assured new proposals would be placed on the table for discussion.

 According to Roberts, the planned proposal expected from the Pension Engagement Committee is expected to be delivered to the unions for perusal on Tuesday of next week with the expected resumption of negotiation on Friday

Roberts noted that in light of this, the unions have agreed to halt all protest action while the negotiation is ongoing, however, she applauded members for their commitment to the cause and called on them to remain focused as their leader advocate on their behalf.


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