Bahamas: Strike Action Affects Clinics In Grand Bahama

DOCTORS’ industrial action affected patients in Grand Bahama where about 15 to 20 patients attending clinics at the Rand Memorial Hospital yesterday morning were told that their appointments were cancelled.

Philippa Rolle Curry, one of the patients waiting to see a doctor, arrived at 7am for her 8am clinic appointment only to be told it had been cancelled. “They told us that the clinic was cancelled because the doctors are on strike,” Mrs Rolle-Curry told reporters.

She said that her clinic appointment has been rescheduled for early December. Mrs Rolle-Curry, who now works in Bimini and got time off to go to Grand Bahama to attend the clinic, was disappointed she could not see a doctor.

“I am from Grand Bahama, but I work in Bimini at the Hilton Resorts World. I went to clinic to see Dr Lockhart. My appointment was for 8am and I was there around 7am, and we were told at about 9am that the clinic has been cancelled for today and would be rescheduled December 5,” she said.


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