The President’s company braces for Democratic investigations

In the days after the midterm elections, executives at President Donald Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, huddled on calls to discuss the possible implications of Democrats winning back the House of Representatives and the potential risk that poses to the company.

While the Trump Organization has a long history of lawsuits, and currently faces multiple investigations from state and federal authorities, the prospect of a Democratic-controlled House, armed with subpoena power and bent on investigating every aspect of the President’s life, presents a different threat altogether, according to interviews with multiple people familiar with the company’s internal discussions or close to the President’s legal team.
In September, one person familiar with the company told CNN that “the worst thing for the business would be a change of control in Congress.”

Republicans still hold the Senate, but there are a lot of ways a Democratic majority in the House can make life difficult for the Trump Organization. Committee chairs can drag executives in front of public hearings and compel testimony about all manner of the private company’s dealings. They can also inundate it with document requests.

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