Cuban Doctors Being Pulled Out of Brazil: a Hasty Decision?

On Tuesday November 13th, the Cuban government announced that it would withdraw its doctors from Brazil’s “Mais Medicos” program with a statement from the Public Health Ministry. It was their response to the announcement of newly-elected Jair Bolsonaro’s future demands (Bolsonaro being a very controversial politician due to his extremist and exclusive attitudes, who will take on the presidency of the South American giant on January 1st).

The conditions in the announcement have primarily to do with the controversial wages that Cuban doctors receive, who only get 25% of the income that Brazil pays them (the rest going to the Cuban government). The new president is demanding that they receive these wages in full like the rest of the foreign doctors who work as part of the “Mais Medicos” program. He has publicly said that he is a critic of what he labels the “Cuban dictatorship” and he refuses to be a part of its slave-like funding scheme.



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