Guyana: $100M payout in dividends for GPSU credit union members

IMC says Yarde vexed, misses power

THE Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Guyana Public Service Cooperative Credit Union (GPSCCU) is set to pay out some $100M in interim dividends to its members, Chairman of the IMC, Trevor Benn has confirmed.

The payment of the dividends comes following the credit union books being audited– something which had not been done for years under the Patrick Yarde-led management.

Benn told the Guyana Chronicle that the last time members of the credit union were paid dividends was back in 2010. Benn said that since then members have been clamouring for the payments, but the old management committee had not been approving, nor were they allowed to, because of their incomplete audits.

Benn believes that this is why Yarde, who is President of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), and other executives of the Union have developed a “sour grapes” attitude about the matter.



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