Nicaraguan diaspora meets to organize leadership against Ortega

The first meeting of Nicaraguan leaders abroad, in which some of those forced into exile because of Ortega’s repression will participate, will be held this weekend in the United States, with the participation of academic and researcher Felix Maradiaga, human rights defender Alvaro Leiva and university leader Lesther Aleman.

The meeting is promoted by the Coalition Freedom for Nicaragua, a platform that aims to unite all those abroad fighting for democracy in the country, provide visibility to the socio-political crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing since April and follow-up on international actions against the regime of Daniel Ortega.

“With this space we can have a greater follow-up. There are meetings, there are actions, there are proposals, but we also need to monitor them. So, this is going to be a good opportunity to give continuity to those agreements,” stated the student leader and member of this coalition, Lesther Aleman, during the television program “Esta Noche” (Tonight).

As a Coalition, he affirms, they have met with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN) and have requested that the issue of Nicaragua remain on the agenda.



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