WSJ Calls It: Hillary Will Run Again In 2020

Is this the “soft” declaration for Hillary Clinton’s bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination?

In an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal Sunday night, two staunch Clinton family allies made what is perhaps the strongest case yet that the twice-defeated Democrat is licking her wounds and preparing for another bid for the presidency in 2020: “Don’t pay much attention to the “I won’t run” declarations” the op-ed authors write: Hillary “knows both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama declared they weren’t running, until they ran. She may even skip Iowa and enter the race later, but rest assured that, one way or another, Hillary 4.0 is on the way.

Amusingly, the double-take-inducing headline “Hillary Will Run Again” confused more than a few people on twitter, who initially interpreted it as breaking news, and not mere speculation about the prospect for another Clinton campaign in 2020. Then again, given the authors’ close ties to the Clintons – Mark Penn was a pollster and senior adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1995 to 2008 and Bill Stein is a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the NYC council – it’s fair to suspect that this could be an early trial balloon for a third presidential bid by the former first lady and secretary of state.



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