NYC: High-ranking alleged Bloods member faces federal charges for murder-for-hire hit on Bronx mobster

An alleged Bloods gang leader faces federal murder-for-hire charges for ordering the killing of a reputed Bonanno crime family associate at a McDonald’s drive-through in the Bronx.

Bushawn (Shelz) Shelton, 34, plotted for nearly a year to rub out 71-year-old Salvatore (Sally Daz) Zottola, federal prosecutors said.

Like Rasputin — the Russian mystic who survived several attempts on his life — Zottola proved hard to kill.

In December, three men busted into Zottola’s home in Pelham Bay, repeatedly stabbed him, and robbed him. Zottola survived.

Another attempt on his life came in June — but Zotolla got the better of his would-be assassin, firing a shot at him when he showed up near his home.

Shelton paid an associate to kill Zottola’s son in July in hope of luring the elder Zottola out into the open, authorities allege.

The younger Zottola was shot several times, but survived.



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