Trinidad: Police-Drug seizures up

ACTING Assistant Supt Vernly Gift says the police do not only target the “small man” in trying to get rid of the drug problem. Speaking at a police briefing yesterday, Gift said, “Every seizure that the OCIU (Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit) makes, they carry out rigorous investigation, not just to target the persons who have been arrested, but to try and develop a conspiracy case for those who would have been behind those seizures.

“We don’t only look at the small man. Those investigations are ongoing and as soon as we have sufficient evidence to bring those persons before the court for prosecution, that will be done.” Gift said there had been an increase in seizures of narcotics, firearms and ammunition for 2018 compared to 2017. “In 2017 there were 1155.10 kg of marijuana (seized), 225.61 kg of cocaine, and in 2018 there were 1433.72 kg of marijuana, 326.02 kg of cocaine, and no reports of seizure of heroin.



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