Guyana: Indigenous communities benefit from improved production techniques

LOCAL indigenous communities in the Rupununi region are benefiting from improved production techniques aimed at empowering their residents.

For the past four years, Canadian development organisation Cuso International has recognised the importance of cassava production in empowering and sustaining these communities. Consequently, it has been helping to develop appropriate systems for processing cassava as food fit for long-term storage as well as other products.

In so doing, the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the Canada-Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Fund (CCDRM) supported this process by co-funding development of two farine-processing facilities in Wowetta village, North Rupununi and Moco Moco village, Central Rupununi, in Region Nine.

According to information from Cuso, “The goal is improvement of product variety and standards acceptable for not only local, but national and international markets.”

Furthermore, it noted that the specific objectives of the projects are to provide opportunities for each community to stockpile at least 10,000 pounds of farine for natural-disaster preparedness.



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