Trinidad: Petrotrin sued by former worker

STATE-owned Petrotrin has been sued by one of its former systems administrators for injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell on a wet floor at the company’s ICT building at Pointe-a-Pierre in 2016.

Denzil Ramsahai, who worked in the human resources department, is claiming negligence on the part of Petrotrin, and is seeking compensation not only for his injuries but also for his wife’s loss of income since she had to leave her job to care for him.

His lawsuit, filed by attorneys Prakash Ramadhar, Michael Rooplal and Vishan Girwar, has also been filed without a pre-action protocol letter being issued to Petrotrin. The lawsuit says this is because of the “much-publicised, imminent closure” of the company.

Ramsahai, 36, is seeking $85,975.20 and US$1,200 in compensation.

He said he went to work on June 21, 2016, when he slipped and fell, hitting the wall with his elbow and fist and fell forward on the flood.



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