NYC+WATCH IT: Fleeing Bronx gun suspect falls after trying to jump from rooftop to fire escape

The armed Bronx man ended up in the hospital after he fell three stories while trying to leap from one building to another as he escaped from police, authorities said Tuesday.

Steven Paulino, 27, was in the intensive care unit at St. Barnabas Hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries — and his mother claimed he suffered nothing worse than a broken wrist.

Police encountered Paulino around 8 a.m. Saturday when they responded to a 911 call about a dispute on Sedgwick Ave. in Kingsbridge. There officers found Paulino harassing a woman, said law enforcement sources.

Paulino made a run for it, firing a shot in the air as he took off, cops said.

He tossed his gun, headed into a two-story building on Webb Ave., and made his way to the roof.

What happened next was caught on video. Paulino ran across the roof, paused briefly at the edge, and then jumped toward a fire escape on the building next door.

For a split second as he sailed through the air, he looked as if he was wearing a superhero’s cape.



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