How to Visit Cuba Without Paying into the Government

During the rapprochement process under US president Barack Obama and Cuban president Raul Castro, I worked with many groups of US visitors. I would speak to them while walking through Havana, for a modest price for them and for a fortune for me, but I would have given the explanations to anyone who was interested in the subject for free if I’m going to be perfectly honest.

That’s how I discovered that these visitors were under the impression that if they planned their trip using the most private services they could, they would be killing two birds with one stone: discovering the island and not financing its tyrannical government. WRONG.

I understand that it might be hard for them (they don’t live under a totalitarian dictatorship) to understand just how much citizens are an extension of the State, the individual as part of this huge entity, mass or people, the only thing the Government is interested in.

That’s why I understand that when they pay a Cuban in cash, they think that their money is feeding the productive chain that this entrepreneur has created, who works with entrepreneurs who are also independent of the Government, who get their merchandise independently, by producing or importing it.

All of this is false. Except for a bit of foreign currency that is exchanged on the black market, the rest of it ends up in the totalitarian Cuban State’s coffers, so my dear US tourist, I’m sorry to inform you but yes, your money, among other things, pays into our dictatorship.



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