Guyana: Guyanese among 11 illegal aliens nabbed in T&T after shocking video

A VIDEO on social media showing several persons jumping from a fishing boat and wading ashore at a beach in Erin, Trinidad and Tobago, triggered a police raid that led to the capture of 11 illegal aliens on Tuesday.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the video resulted in an exercise being launched by Senior Superintendent Adams and Superintendent Basdeo, at the Los Iros Beach area.

A party of officers led by Sergeant Corrie, of the Erin Police Station, conducted a search of a hotel, where seven male and four female foreign nationals were found. The men, ages ranging between 31 to 55 years, included five Venezuelans, one Guyanese and one Syrian. The women, ages 18 to 49, were three Venezuelans and one Syrian. The 37-year-old female proprietress of the establishment was also taken into police custody.

The foreign nationals have been handed over to the Immigration Division. In response to the video, National Security Minister Stuart Young said that more resources would be dedicated to border protection and he would be taking certain initiates to Cabinet.


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